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can you do a one shot of lauren and camila and theyr daughter isabella is 17 or 16 and she has a boyfriend but lauren doesnt like him and isabella and lauren fight over him and he end uo breaking isabellas heart and isabella goes to lauren and apologize and than camila and lauren lie down with her and all family love? :)

[[MORE]]”You don’t even know him!” Isabella yelled, clenching her fists by her side as she glared up at her mother.

"I don’t know him?" Lauren snapped, "I just spent all of dinner with him."
"So you spend an hour with him and suddenly you know everything about him?"
"He spend half of dinner staring at your moms boobs, Isabella!" Lauren threw her hand up to point at Camila who was sitting at the kitchen table watching her wife and daughter fight of a boy who, frankly, she didn’t like much either. "And the other half he spent talking about how his parents are going boating and are buying him jeep because ‘chicks dig it’." Lauren put on an exaggerated male voice making her daughter glare harder at her.
"You don’t know anything about him."
"I don’t want you seeing him anymore."
"You can’t stop me, I’m seventeen!" Isabella growled, looking from Lauren to Camila. "Mom!"
Camila was torn between backing up her wife and telling Lauren that Isabella had to make her own mistakes to learn. “Uh, honey, go upstairs while I talk to your mom.”
"You can’t stop me from seeing him." Isabella said before spinning on her heels and heading upstairs.
"Watch me." Lauren yelled, and the only reply she go was the slamming of Isabella’s door.
"You were supposed to back me up."
"I know but she’s a teenager, she’s supposed to make her own mistakes." Camila said softly, walking over to Lauren and rubbing the woman’s arms.
"And I’m her mom, I’m supposed to protect her from obnoxious, d-bags like that kid." Lauren argued. "He reminds me so much of Keaton from high school."
"You can’t protect her from everything, Lauren."
"I’m still not talking to her." Lauren murmured childishly making Camila laugh, leaning up to peck her wife quickly on the lips.
"Remember, you are the adult."
"Whatever. Do you need anything from the shop? I need to go for a drive, get out of the house."
"We need milk."
"Ok," Lauren smiled, kissing Camila’s cheek before pulling back and grabbing her keys before she left the house.
Lauren had met Jacob four times since the night she and Isabella had had a fight about him and each time she just found herself disliking him more and more and things with her and Isabella still weren’t back to normal, Isabella insisted that she wouldn’t speak to her mother until she liked Jacob and Lauren refused to speak to her daughter until she stopped seeing Jacob. And Camila was stuck in the middle, trying not to seem like she was picking sides.
"Mom?" Lauren jumped at the sudden noise, thinking Isabella was out at her friends and Camila was up stairs waiting for her.
"I thought you were staying with Kirsty tonight?" Lauren asked, not bothering to turn to look at her daughter.
Lauren frowned at the way Isabella’s voice seemed to crack, placing the popcorn in the microwave before turning to look at her daughter.
"I’m sorry,"
Lauren could feel a knot forming in her stomach, wondering what Isabella had done. “What have you done? You aren’t pregnant are you?”
"No, mom. God." Isabella scoffed, her eyes dropping to her feet.
Lauren could feel herself getting angry, and she was ready to raise her voce and demand Isabella tell her what had happened when she heard a little sniff come from Isabella.
"Baby, what’s wrong? Whatever it is, it’s fine. We can fix it." Lauren assured, quickly walking over to Isabella and placing her hands on her cheeks.
"You were right."
Lauren wrapping her arms around isabella, rubbing the teenagers back as she tucked her head under Lauren’s chin and began crying against her moms neck. “You have no idea how much i wish I wasn’t right, sweetie.”
"You should have listened to you, you said he wasn’t a nice guy."
"What did he do?"
"Kirsty saw him at the movies with this girl. He tried to deny it but Kirsty wouldn’t lie about something like that, she’s my best friend. Then I called him on the way home and this girl picked up, he said it was his cousin but they live in Los Angels."
"He’s an idiot, he wont find another girl like you, sweetie."
"You have to say that, you’re my mom."
"I do but I also mean it. You are clever and sweet and funny, also moody and sometimes a drama queen but that only seemed to be with me," Lauren teased making Isabella chuckled. "You are beautiful, kid, you get that from your mother, don’t let some jumped up little punk make you feel worthless because he can’t see how wonderful you are."
Isabella just smiled, allowing her mom to wipe away the tears that were running down her cheeks.
"Your mom is in bed waiting for me,"
"Ew, mom, really?"
"No, not like that." Lauren chuckled. "We were going to watch that new paranormal activity film, why don’t you go on up and I will make us more popcorn."
"Do you not think I’m a little old to be watching movies in bed with you guys." Isabella scoffed and Lauren just smiled knowingly.
"Yeah but it would make me feel better if you did."
"Well, if it will make you feel better," Isabella agreed, pulling back from her mom. "Thank you."
"This my job as a mother now go. And tell your mom I was right, maybe she will start to believe it and admit it every once in awhile."
Isabella laughed as she left the kitchen.
Lauren emptied the popcorn in a bowl and grabbed the cookie dough ice cream from the freezer with three spoons and headed upstairs.
Camila smiled when she walked in, Isabella now changed and curled up against her side. “Took your time.”
Lauren just handed Camila the popcorn and Isabella the ice cream before climbing onto the bed on the other side of Isabella.
"Now, are you sure about this? We don’t want you getting scared and having to sleep in here with us." Lauren teased, poking at Isabella’s cheek as the girl opened up the ice cream.
"Mom was the one waking up with nightmares after Apartment one-four-three." 
"Hey, that one was scary, ok?" Camila argued, glaring over at her wife and daughter who both smiled and nodded.
"Yeah, mom."
"Of course, sweetie." Lauren and Isabella said in unison.
"You are both idiots." Camila huffed, reaching over to turn off the light as Lauren pressed play on the remote.
Isabella settled down against Camila’s side, smiling when Camila wrapped her arms around her, and threw her legs over Lauren’s lap, this had been something she’d always done, lying across her moms whenever they had a movie night because she felt like she was leaving one of them out if she cuddled up to just one of them.
Lauren’s eyes wandered over to her wife and daughter, their similar brown eyes lit up just by the light coming off the tv. Isabella had somehow found Lauren’s old high school softball jersey and had changed into that, and was licking ice cream off the spoon in her hand while Camila was trying to pick out a tiny piece of popcorn she had dropping on Isabella’s hair. Lauren’s lips curved up into a smile, moments like these had become rare, what with Isabella because at the age where hanging out with your parents is lame, and Lauren knew that when they did happen she couldn’t take them for granted.
"What?" Lauren focused her eyes on Camila who looking at her with a smile and her eyebrows raised questioningly.
Lauren shook her head, “No, nothing.”
"Well, I know mom is scary late at night but I think the movie would be scarier to watch." Isabella said, making Lauren laugh and Camila pinch her on the arm. "Ow, mom! I was kidding."
"Careful, you look exactly like your mom did at your age so, logically, that will be you in twenty years."
Isabella looked up her Camila who made a funny face.
"Lucky me," Isabella sighed playfully. 
"Yeah, you should be so lucky." Camila teased, settling down when the movie began playing.
Isabella was asleep before the film was even half way done and Lauren couldn’t blame her, breaking up was exhausting.
"Did you say I told you so?" Camila asked, running her hand through Isabella’s hair, lifting her eyes to look at Lauren.
"No," Lauren shook her head, looking at Isabella who, even in her sleep, looked exhausted. "I know I went on and on about saying it but I couldn’t, it wouldn’t have been as satisfying as it was saying it to people who broke up in high school."
"Yeah, I didn’t think you would’ve said it, you’re all talk."
Lauren just smiled, picking at a loose threat on her old jersey. “Where did she even find this? I thought we lost it when we moved.”
"Of course not. I’ve alway kept it." Camila said and Lauren frowned.
“‘Cause it was what you were wearing the first time we met.” Camila shrugged. “Plus ‘Bella used to wear it to bed when she was younger. I had it in the closet. Which means she was in there and, funnily enough, I’m missing a pair of shoes.”
"She gets that from you, you used to steal stuff from your moms closet to wear on our dates."
"She’s still a brat."
"A brat who is clear sleeping in with us tonight."
"Or you could carry her in to her bed?"
"Yeah, ok. She isn’t six anymore and I’m getting old."
"You are thirty seven." Camila chuckled.
"Exactly, old."
"Fine, but if she kicks she out."
"Yep." Lauren agreed, lacing her fingers with Camila’s. "Is murder illegal in Orlando?"
"Yes, if you get caught." 
Lauren smiled slightly. “He’s such a little prick.”
"What happened?"
"He was with another girl." Lauren said and Camila frowned angrily. "It’s his lose but hopefully this will teach her not to fall in love to fast."
"Did it work with you the first time you got your heart broken?"
"I was only ever in love once and it was you." Lauren shrugged, "The closest to heart broken I’ve ever been is that six months we split up for when we were eighteen."
"Mm, those six months were horrible."
"You’re the one who thought long distance would be to hard then came running back to me christmas break of freshman year. They always come running back."
"You are an idiot."
"And I have been an idiot all my life yet, you’re still here. If got you hooked." Lauren grinned, leaning closer to Camila and scrunching her nose up adorably.
"It’s those eyes." Camila said, pecking her wife on the lips. "I love you."
"I love you, too." Lauren smiled, resting her head against Camila’s shoulder.





So a boyband walked onto the Britain’s Got Talent stage and everyone thought they were going to sing One Direction or something typical…and then they sung Stars from Les Miserables.

This is the best thing ever. Just listen to those harmonies <3

Simon’s face says “I like it against my will.”